In what seems to be another case of ‘New Year, New Rules!’ in the world of international travel, all foreign, non-exempt travellers arriving into Malaysia must now have completed the new Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) before arriving into the country.
The MDAC has been introduced as part of Malaysia’s Visa Liberalisation Plan, which aims to attract more foreign tourists and generate incremental national income for the country.

With the exception of Singaporeans, Diplomatic and Official Passport holders, Malaysian Permanent Residents and Long-Term Pass holders, Brunei Common Certificate of Identification holders, Brunei-Malaysia Frequent Traveller Facility holders, Thailand Border Pass holders and Indonesian Cross Border Pass holders, all foreign travellers must complete the MDAC within three (3) days prior to their scheduled arrival in Malaysia.

Along with passport holders from Germany, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, the USA and the UK, Australians have access to autogate facilities, making the arrival process even more seamless.

Proof of submission of the MDAC will be sent to the email address you registered with the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Click here to apply for your Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC).